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The Best Denver Private Investigators

Davis and Associates is based out of Denver, Colorado. We have been serving our clients with pride and integrity since 2006 and continue to strive for perfection as one of the oldest private investigation businesses in Colorado. No matter what your investigative needs may be, we can handle it with our professional standards and staff. If you need to hire a private investigator in Denver, we are the best choice.

At Davis & Associates, we use several credible databases that are linked to law enforcement agencies. You can be sure that we do a thorough and complete check on every person, giving our client that added confidence when making their final decision. We tailor every package to meet your needs! Our services are prompt and affordable to ALL organizations, large and small.

Davis & Associates is owned by Steve Davis, a Colorado Law Enforcement veteran of over 30 years and a United States Army Veteran. Steve is proud to have a handpicked team of investigators with a wide range of 95 years of combined law enforcement, military, and EMS/Fire backgrounds. His team truly knows the value of getting to the truth in any investigative matter. Steve Davis prides his company with still being one of the few background companies that will “take the time to talk to each client and discuss their needs on any issue” without relying on an email for a response. You get personal service for your background checks. Steve Davis knows the needs of not only a local client base, but a national one as well, and treats each client as if they were his first. Steve Davis coined the phrase for his company "Your Risk, Our Solution" and believes that in ANY case, there is a solution.

Meet the CEO

Erica Davis has been co-owner of Davis and Associates since 2006. Erica started her career with the Boulder County Sheriff’s Department where she worked as a record technician for several years. She then worked for the City of Longmont Colorado where she served as the Communications Supervisor until her and husband Steve Davis opened Davis & Associates in Longmont. For the next 13 years, Erica and Steve have grown Davis & Associates into one of the premiere private investigation firms in Denver.

Erica’s expertise with record retrieval, retention, and recovery is bar none and has helped hundreds of lawyers in their everyday cases, from simple to complex. Erica recently took over as CEO in 2019 when husband Steve Davis took over a position as Chief of Police at a metropolitan Colorado town.

Pre-Employment Background Screening

At Davis & Associates, we offer Background Services affordable for any budget. We will customize a program to fit the specific needs of your company, such as employment screening, sports and recreation, and non-profits.

Basic Background

  • Single State Criminal History
  • Civil Court History
  • National Sex Offender Screening

Standard Background

  • Single State Criminal History
  • Civil Court History
  • National Sex Offender Screening
  • Social Network Check

Advanced Background

  • Single State Criminal History
  • Civil Court History
  • National Sex Offender Screening
  • Social Network Check
  • Education, Degree, and License Verification

Integrity Interview and
Background Screening

  • Face to face interview with applicant
  • State by State Criminal History (every state the applicant resided in)
  • State by State Civil Court History
  • National Sex Offender Screening
  • Social Network Check
  • Education, Degree, and License Verification
  • Reference Screening

Please contact us to receive a quote for special pricing on group packages of 3 or more, or for open ended contracting.

Personal Injury Investigations

Personal injury cases most likely involve a car or bike accident, and uncovering the truth about what really happened can make the difference between winning and losing a case against the insurance company. It can be very valuable to have all the evidence to prove who is liable in an accident, but often even the plaintiffs are unsure about the exact events.

At Davis & Associates, we investigate the truth of the events leading up to an accident resulting in personal injury and provide adequate evidence. If the investigation uncovers facts that prove who's at fault, the case can shift in your favor. If the other party is at fault, you will have the evidence to prove it. If you are at fault, you can drop the case without any further expenditures.

Lawyers charge a bigger hourly fee than our investigators, so it is advantageous for you to use our services. We also often work directly with lawyers and law firms to provide evidence for the courtroom. Call to ask about our pricing structure.

Other Services

Asset Checks: Our asset investigations focus on locating the tangible assets of people and/or companies that can be used to settle your judgments. Our asset investigations also include a search for liens and judgments that would otherwise hinder our clients ability to collect on their judgments.

Corporate/Retail Theft: Corporate espionage, theft, and shrinkage are costly problems that can affect your bottom line. The experienced investigators at Davis & Associates are concerned with protecting and recovering your losses. Through a tailored process of investigation we will work diligently to uncover the solution.

Homicide/Suicide: Death investigations are complex undertakings and require attention to detail. The investigators at Davis & Associates have civilian and law enforcement experience in complex death investigation. Don’t just trust your investigation to anyone.

Internal Investigations: In business the most unpredictable variable is the employee. Internal issues with theft, harassment and public complaints can affect workplace productivity and efficiency. The investigators at Davis & Associates are skilled at resolving these issues in order to help your business maintain its profitability.

People Finder: Nearly every investigation relies on the ability to locate people associated with the investigation. Davis & Associates uses technology, physical searches and various investigative techniques to locate difficult to find individuals.

Wrongful Death: Not all death investigation rises to a criminal investigation. When the death is through conduct that is less than criminal, you can trust the professional Investigators at Davis & Associates to deliver the information you need to assist you with your case.

Robbery Training for Credit Unions and Banks

Davis & Associates have developed a program called S.M.A.R.T which stands for Survival Methods of Armed Robbery Training. This training was originally developed for local credit unions, but now is being offered to all large, medium and small businesses who face the real threat of armed robbery every day. Robberies are on the rise for all businesses and Davis & Associates can come to your business and show you proven methods that will teach your employees and management techniques and procedures that could save their lives. Let Davis & Associates show you how to protect your biggest asset, your employees.

Denver Investigators

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At Davis and Associates, our mission is to provide honest, credible and precise information to our clients at a low cost. For more information call (303) 861-1707 or fill out our form and we'll get back to you right away.

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